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What is everyone saying about Shofur?

The team at Shofur offers the highest quality charter bus service in the industry (just ask our customers). Every sales representative is trained to provide top notch customer service and ensure that your group is taken care of from start to finish. We place an emphasis in three key areas: making receiving a quote and booking simple, ensuring you receive a competitive price, and providing access to the newest vehicles in the industry. We also invest heavily in technology, including GPS tracking to make sure your experience is second to none. Below you will find customer reviews from across the nation.

TrustPilot Reviews


based on 66 reviews
  • Shofur bus is great
    for large groups

    I use site to plan all our large group travel. They will give you a quote anywhere in the United States within seconds. They are truly reliable every step of the way. No matter what time of day it is Shofur will get you a bus quote anywhere in the U.S. They are the only ones.... More

    - Hannah M.
  • Great!

    If you've ever had to rent a bus before you totally understand why Shofur makes your life a lot easier. I've had some really bad experiences with other companies. With Shofur you really feel the time that they save you. It's incredible how much time they saved me. No paperwork, no hidden costs, no attitude, no mailing checks and so forth. Just really simple efficient bus rentals!... More

    - Andy H.
  • Fast and polite

    Customer service over there is on point and efficient. It was refreshing not having to deal with long wait times and clueless customer service representatives. Made my job easier, not harder.... More

    - Sheldon M.
  • Very convenient service

    Excellent service! The app helped me find my way to my hotel. The bus was very clean, and the wifi was fast. I would highly recommend this app to my friends... More

    - Shy T.
  • Thank you SHOFUR!

    Hey! Never write reviews but I wanted to commend Shofur. Their team was great to work with for my event. I received a quote in minutes. Thanks again! ... More

    - Samantha R.
  • Very Impressive Services

    We received a quote from Shofur for our wedding this past spring. The call staff was so nice and helped us out through the entire process. Everything happened just as planned and the drivers were more than nice to the guests. I've recommended them to my friends in the bay area. Thanks again! ... More

    - Steven A.
  • A+ support when
    booking charters

    Called multiple times for charter bus quotes in Austin. Every time they were responsive, even when we had an emergency and needed them last minute. They are different than other bus rental companies I've used in the past and really care about their customers. A+... More

    - Jeremy L.
    bus service!!

    AMAZING!! I called Shofur several times to get charter bus quotes from them. They were so efficient and the only ones that took the time to listen to us. The agents were very helpful and knew the bus industry very well! I was very impressed at the technology and how fast and easy everything worked. Their app is wonderful and the team is also spectacular. I hear they’re the first ones working on autonomous buses! They are disrupting a business that has been antiquated for a very long time! ... More

    - Shay B.
  • Great Company That’s

    Honestly this is a great service. Efficient technology and piece of cake to use. They could improve several things such as rating the drivers. That would be so helpful. Otherwise there isn't really anything bad to say about them. Prices could be surged less ... More

    - Nima F.
  • Shofur Bus App Is Great

    Shofur bus app is Easy to use! 5 star service! Wonderful all around.

    - Anthony J.
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    30-56 Passengers

    222 Reviews

  • Entertainer Bus

    6-12 Passengers

    61 Reviews

  • Mini Bus

    12-16 Passengers

    188 Reviews

Tripadvisor Reviews


based on 447 reviews
  • Most comfortable service around

    Talked to a nice lady on the phone about renting a bus for a trip I am planning. She made it very easy to plan a route that would allow us to see tourist destinations. The busses look very comfortable and I look forward to booking with Shofur in the future!... More

    - Mallory166
  • Enjoyed the ride..

    Enjoyable ride through the city of Atlanta. The bus was new, comfortable, cool and clean. The staff are friendly and helpful.

    - KizoM
  • A+ customer service and support

    Nicole who provided a quote was SUPER nice over the phone. Compared to other charter bus transportation companies these guys are amazing. I recommend to try them out.... More

    - JeremyL
  • Thanks for the quote

    Received two quotes from this bus company. I got an automated text from them with my trip details. Much easier than other services. Great support. Thanks again!... More

    - Eric24554
  • Shofur is Excellent

    The bus service is great if you're looking to tour a town. The incredible service allowed us to see the whole city in peace. Just like I could tell from the second I called that the service would be outstanding. All in all it was amazing! ... More

    - juanchavez19651


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App Store Reviews


based on 28 reviews
  • HUGE Upgrade For Shofur

    These last few updates have been an enormous upgrade for this app. I've used them about 3 times now, and I have no complaints. Drivers are really nice, buses are clean. Keep up the good work!... More

    - BeardedWonder25
  • Shofur is way better than megabus and greyhound

    Just tried the Shofur app for the first time today. Without a doubt it is way better than greyhound and megabus. Buses are a lot better and service is a lot more transparent. Technology is on point here... More

    - CourtneyDonte83
  • Shofur fixed and made this update worth it

    The update is way better than the previous one. Made the seat selection a lot easier to use as well as the credit card change form.

    - ShofurPassenger
  • Take SHOFUR

    Very pleased with my bus ride from Houston to Dallas. Clean bus, with wifi, TV’s, wall outlets and a friendly driver to come with it all. I will take Shofur again in the future... More

    - Andrei Gants
  • Finally a tech savy bus company

    Awesome bus tracking feature. It’s nice to see the bus industry finally step into the digital age.

    - Prosperly

Google Play Reviews


based on 35 reviews
  • Perfect bus app

    Shofur has come to the rescue for us! Entered the promo code and boom got 50% off on the best bus service I’ve seen in Texas. Thanks a million!... More

    - David B.
  • Super nice buses

    Took Shofur with my boyfriend from Houston to Dallas. Had a great time and the buses were a lot cleaner than Megabus. Thanks!!

    - Monica L.
  • Awesome app! Buying tickets was easy

    This app was very easy to use and exactly what I needed. I have been looking for a way to buy tickets to Texas when I'm visiting family. I'm a big fan of Shofur's approach!! Would highly recommend... More

    - Satyam P.
  • Awesome....Loved it.

    Shofur has been outstanding. Much love for them. Texas needs this service. We have been waiting for you for a while Shofur! I will be trying this service from Houston to Dallas or Austin. Thanks for the free ticket also. Honestly I would pay much more than what ya'll are charging.... More

    - Neal F.